Companies today understand the benefits of corporate wellness programs to control high health care costs, as well as improved productivity and morale amongst employees. Learn how we can create a culture of health and happiness for your workforce!


Corporate & Group
Nutrition Counseling

Corporate & Group Nutrition Counseling

Corporate nutrition packages can be customized to meet your needs, with available services that include:

  • Lunch & Learn workshops

  • Individual counseling sessions

  • Company wellness challenges

  • Consultation on company-provided food and meals

  • Various health-related events to encourage employee participation in their health

Corporate and Group Sessions may include a pre-evaluation of each participating individuals’ inquiries and expectation, optional body composition measurements, and an engaging workshop on a chosen wellness topic of interest.

Food and Nutrition Product
Consulting Services

Food and Nutrition Product Consulting Services

Whether you’re launching a wellness app, opening a restaurant, or breaking into the nutrition industry with a revolutionary new food product, you need proven scientific facts to support your endeavors. Accurately navigate the regulator trenches of food and nutrition intricacies with an industry expert by your side.

Increase the credibility of your company's food product or service through a consultation with the only nationally-recognized nutrition credential: a Registered Dietitian.